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GRACO Gelcoat system

GRACO Gelcoat system

Consistent ratio for a consistent cure

Engineered with industry-proven Graco components, Graco FRP Systems provide you with a solution that is technologically advanced, durable and long-lasting. Graco's superior ratio control results in a consistent cure, which translates into higher quality parts and end products in your plant.

  • System is optimized for ratio stability
  • Increases production uptime with proven Graco pumps and components
  • Adjustable-ratio catalyst pump - no tools required for quick, easy ratio change
  • Truly engineered linkage for superior ratio control
  • Available in 13:1 pump ratio

For more information and enquire please contact us +371 29112229 or e-mail:

GRACO Gelcoat system

Graco FRP laitteet - GRACO Gelcoat system

GRACO Gelcoat system - Graco FRP laitteet | COMPOSITE24

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  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: FRP-GEL
  • Weight: 100.00kg
  • Dimensions: 100.00cm x 100.00cm x 200.00cm
Veroton: 7,200.00€